Saturday, December 9, 2017

Celeste’s Saturday Salutes to Chronic Pain – 5th Issue

Celeste’s "Saturday Salutes to Chronic Pain" honors the collaborative spirit of fellow bloggers, advocates, and the many friends who share this journey. Your encouragement is an inspiration to me.


Comment:  Refreshing share, Donna Gregory Burch's 2017 gift guide for fibromyalgia and chronic lyme @National Pain Report.

Comment: Reduced or eliminated too quickly, Congressman Roe? You still don't get it! Robert Rose this must be a very difficult and trying time for you, but know you represent millions of Americans who find opioids improve their quality of life.

The Nerve to Be Heard - iPAIN PoP by Lacy Fowler

Comment:  I couldn’t be more proud of Lacy for her advocacy on Arachnoiditis at the International Pain Foundation – See my interview with Lacy on HealthCentral



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