Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upset with the CDC and misappropriation of funds, yet again?

Upset with the CDC, misappropriation of research funds, neglect in providing a replication study to the WPI and XMRV, and the oops we published this invalid study before the NIH study results (which does confirm the WPI and XMRV association with CFS/ME)? Advocates are now soliciting help from Erin Brockovich. Empowering! We will not be slam dunked again by the CDC.

I encourage everyone to PLEASE see the blog "Sample Advocacy Letter" posted in April.

There you will find and I hope you will contribute links for contacting government officials, worldwide.

"Though our bodies are weak our determination is unbreakable, standing tall, standing strong, standing united, committing to a cure."

Add this one to the list


Poem - "A Fall Homecoming at Horseshoe Park"

A Fall Homecoming at Horseshoe Park ©

Elk promenade streets of Estes Park,
They nibble quivering aspen’s tenderness.
On runway’s modeling racks to behold,
Blind to danger this wilderness dweller.

Though leery of man, in family tradition,
Fall’s decent from where trees greet tundra.
The magnificent graze in meadows of silk,
Swaying to their own reunion at Horseshoe Park.

Pure and sturdy, keeping a skeptical eye,
Dusk’s misty dew hazes as harems gather.
Buck’s circling females, bugling their mates,
And gold aspens give backdrop, scene one.

The novice youth lingers, as a matter of course,
But the senior, the voyeur, waits to pull rank.
The dance of defense won’t calm either stud,
But the sagest male’s patience claims victory.

The mating rehearsal, giving way to the play,
Strumming meadows provide a Broadway stage.
We lurk, crowded roadways, binoculars in hand,
How long, we ask, will the third act last?

Elks homecoming here at Horseshoe Park,
Applause in silence broken only by calls,
The bugling males harmonizing in the dark.
The curious watch, and the curtain falls.

The wonders of ritual at Horseshoe Park.

Written by Celeste Cooper, author

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creating an "I Am" Poem

Writing poetry of any kind begins with a spark that ignites feelings, encouraging them to provide light and insight by using our senses, our thoughts, our dreams and our imagination. Poetry is the conduit to your inner self, the one we live with everyday, but otherwise wouldn’t take the time to explore. I encourage you to use your imagination to create characteristics of “Who I Am.”

As a template start and end each line of your poem stanza (paragraph of sorts) with your I am line, then follow with the verbs provided below. Imagine yourself in a particular place, a certain situation, a role, an achievement, an illness etc., build your words from there.

After you do a rough draft, you can go back and change the words to convey your thoughts and feelings. This is free style poetry so you are not limited in your creation. It is totally up to you, as poetry is very personal and self revealing.

I wish I could find the author of this template, so I could thank them, but most of all give them credit. I found it by goggling but no one claims the origin. If anyone happens to know the author of this template, please share.

Following the template is one of my poems as an example.

I am…….
I wonder….
I hear…..
I see…..
I want….
I am….

I am….
I pretend….
I feel….
I touch….
I worry….
I cry….
I am…..

I am…..
I understand….
I say….
I dream…..
I try….
I hope…..
I am…..

I Am Tired not Weary ©

I am tired not weary,
I wonder if you see my pain?
I hear the thumping in my body,
The tunnel beckoning me to the light.
I seek the peace it promises,
I am tired not weary.

I strive to ski the slopes of life,
I feel lifted up by whiteness,
touching the light with my tongue.
I worry it will not last,
I deny the thought of darkness,
I am tired not weary.

I understand I must endure,
I say acceptance is the first step,
Imagining others will understand.
I try to get my point across,
I seek knowledge in truth,
I am tired not weary.

(Signature line appended, March 2018)
In healing,
Celeste Cooper, RN / Author, Freelancer, Advocate

Think adversity?-See opportunity!

“Listen closely; I hear the sweet sound of existence.”

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