Saturday, August 27, 2022

A Journey With Pain, Sincerely Yours


Colorado 2022

   Take a Stand © by Celeste Cooper


   Swirling ideas, each significant to plan.

   Upholding brave principles and taking a stand.

   Provisions of nature and all living things

   Gives fortitude, fulfillment of what life brings.


   Taste the climb; take pause, ageless, forever;

   Ours for the taking–precious gift of endeavor.

   Inherited by forefathers, a guide for our path,

   Achievement secured when we learn from the past.


   So stand up we shall, securing our position.

   When acted on, they are more than conditions.

   Comrades, principles, nature, history, at hand

   Are the tools that endure when taking a stand.


"Adversity is only an obstacle if we fail to see opportunity."




I have worked as a real estate salesperson, office manager, switchboard operator, bookkeeper, income tax preparer, and more. As a single mother of two small children, I accomplish my dream of becoming a registered nurse. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN), and a Legal Nurse Consultant degree in Paralegal Studies with a plethora of experiences related to emergency nursing, staff development, nursing administration, and education.


Because of chronic illness and painful disorders, I have learned the importance of sharing information from the perspective of a fellow patient, and I have enjoyed writing and blogging from that point of view.  


My life experiences have had a huge influence on my writing as an author and blogger. My experience as a freelance contributor to Sharecare, Health Central, ProHealth, and journals, has helped me grow as a writer.


I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to collaborate with robust advocates from ALL aspects of care in an effort to change the way chronic pain has been perceived, judged, and treated.




As we work through the process from denial to acceptance, we must not underestimate our abilities to live a meaningful life despite the obstacles we might encounter.


As I experience new chapters in my life, I accept change; a great deal of change has been for the better.  In addition, I strongly feel that we are our own best advocates and we should not forget to use our voice on matters that are important to us.


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to write on issues that affect all of us who live in this special community. I will still pop in now and then.


   Sincerely yours,

 The Pained Ink Slayer

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