Friday, December 15, 2017

Oska PEMF-$299 Holiday Special Starts December 15th

As an advocate for Oska® Wellness, I periodically share updates. I am not paid to write reviews or share information on the Oska Pulse PEMF device. However, I do receive a referral fee if you purchase Oska by using my direct advocate link, or use my code, CCRN60, at check out. This opportunity allows me, in part, to maintain my website and my blog, where I strive to provide information for a better life with chronic pain and illness.

When I published my blog Oska® PEMF Update: Just in time for the holidays, I had no idea this super offering was coming. So, I am thrilled to announce this

Oska Wellness Holiday Special $299!

Apply my referral code, CCRN60, at check out and be entered to win your money back on one Oska Pulse purchase. Contest ends December 31 and a winner will be chosen at random on January 5, 2018.


1.     Contest valid December 15-31, 2017, 11:59pm PST
2.     Purchase valid online at (3rd party sites such as are NOT included in this contest)
3.     My advocate code, CCRN60, must be used at check out or use my referral link to qualify
4.     Purchase must be paid in full, does not apply to 3 Easy Payments method
5.     Winner chosen on January 5 will receive $299 reimbursement on one device

Oska Meets TheBlaze's 12 Days of Christmas


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