Saturday, December 23, 2017

Celeste’s Saturday Salutes to Chronic Pain: Issue 6

Celeste’s periodic blog “Saturday Salutes to Chronic Pain” honors the collaborative spirit of fellow bloggers, advocates, and the many friends who share this journey. You inspire me.


Comment: Morphine equivalents are not created equal. @JeffreyFudin ..." the CDC’s promotion of a flawed App for opioid conversion, which may have the potential to cause more overdoses than careful manual conversion when transitioning therapy between opioids!"

Practical Pain Management: A Model to Incorporate Functional Medicine into Chronic Pain Care
Comment: Do you know there are "Seven Nodes of the Functional Medicine Matrix?" I didn’t.

Comment: The truth revealed.

PAINS Project Brief 11: Understanding Chronic Pain and Suicide
Comment: Is someone you love at risk?



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