Monday, March 6, 2017

The Painful Truth Documentary Is Here!

As stated in my blog in September of 2015 The Painful Truth: A Book, a Documentary, a Meeting with Lynn Webster, MD, Dr. Webster’s message is irresistible. His dedication to writing the book and producing this documentary (with Craig Worth) is a testament to the spirit and determination he has for people living with pain. He advocates for awareness of the seriousness of untreated or undertreated pain, suicide and addiction. (You can view more information at The Painful Truth Documentary  website.)

Over the weekend, I got an email from Dr. Webster and I am so excited to share it with you.

Dear friends,

I'd like to share some exciting news: "The Painful Truth," the documentary I co-produced with Craig Wirth, was distributed by NETA on March 1 [2017] to all public television stations in the United States. On March 3, it aired on KENW (Portales, NM) and on WXXI (Rochester, NY), and later this month it will air in several other states including Georgia and Montana. I am hopeful that the documentary will air in as most major cities, though this is a decision that is at the discretion of each local station. 

When documentaries like this air on public television, it is common for the host stations to include a discussion with relevant community members. If your local public station decides to air this documentary and you would be willing to make yourself available for a panel discussion, I would encourage you to reach out to your station to offer your participation. It could be a great opportunity to discuss how important it is to Transform the Way Pain is Perceived, Judged and Treated as described in the 2011 IOM report Reliving Pain in America.

Dr. Webster is building a list of the stations and air dates/times for the documentary, which will soon be on the documentary's website, 

Please visit the website periodically to check availability in your area and/or contact your local PBS station. 

The release of this film is timely, and it offers the opportunity to have an open dialogue with our healthcare providers and our communities.

In healing,,Celeste
"Adversity is only an obstacle if we fail to see opportunity."

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Unknown said...

Though listed, it is not being broadcasted in Atlanta. I called the station and requested they air it.
We'll see.
I really want to watch it.

The Pained Ink Slayer said...

Janis, TY so much for the feedback. I have contacted Dr. Webster to let him know there is a problem. If I hear anything back, I will let you know.

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