Monday, March 13, 2017

Ten Lessons from Pain by Celeste Cooper

Ten Lessons From Pain

“There is a difference in living a packed life and living a full life.”
~Celeste Cooper

There is always a lesson in adversity and living with chronic pain and/or chronic illness is no exception. When I sit quietly like the little wren, life’s messages whisper in the wind and fall upon my ear. In these moments I find purpose in the choices I make.  

Ten Lessons from Pain

(1)  Acceptance of what is.
(2) Compassion for the less fortunate.
(3)  Change is not a bad word.
(4)  Humility is a virtue.
(5)  Strength in not surrendering to stressors.
(6)  Commitment to self and others.
(7)  Flexibility to roll with the flow.
(8) Appreciation for things we would otherwise take for granted.
(9)  Empathy, we are on a level playing field.
(10) Patience, our inbox is not supposed to be empty.

[Excerpt, Day Seventy-five]

Each day in the Broken Body, Wounded Spirit series is followed by a thought provoking question and the Spring Edition is no exception. So, what ten lessons have you learned from living with chronic pain and illness?

Spring Edition

In healing,,Celeste
"Adversity is only an obstacle if we fail to see opportunity."

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Celeste Cooper, RN
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