Sunday, October 12, 2014

Accepting Your Limitations, Exploring Your Talents by Celeste Cooper

Those of us who live with chronic pain and illness understand that we should respect our limitations. But, it is equally important to stay energetic. There are many ways to be energetic, full of life in thinking, present in our compassion for others, active in mindfulness, and more. Looking at things from this perspective helps us broaden the boundaries of not too much, yet enough. It allows us, gives us, permission to explore our hidden talents.

We discuss all these things and more in Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain, Fall Devotions.

Follow Your Passion

It is easy to become passionate about people we admire or things we love.

Fall Devotions, Day Forty-eight

I love:

Having a positive role model.
The grandeur of a mountain.
A good cup of herbal tea.
A stream that speaks.
Birds that sing.
Sharing information with people.
Having a network.
A path less traveled.

Start an "I love" list on one of the empty spots in this book, see where it takes you, you will be pleased. (See "Day Seventy-five,” and find more exercises throughout the Broken Body, Wounded Spirit… series.)

I love…

The   2014 Revised Fall Devotions is now available, here  and for Kindle, here.
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"Adversity is only an obstacle if we fail to see opportunity."  
Celeste Cooper, RN
Author—Patient—Health Central Chronic Pain ProAdvocate

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