Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween News: For the Love of Poetry by Celeste Cooper

Those of you who have read any of my books know I enjoy writing poetry. It is my refuge, I get lost in it, and I rediscover myself.

May the goblins be good to you.

Happy Halloween!

Ghosts at Taylor Reservoir© by Celeste Cooper

Driving the Winding Taylor Canyon Road,
Late August teases of tales to be told.

Giant pines grace roads through this land.
Forest shadows retreat, a reservoir at hand.

Man made, Taylor reservoir feeds the crops,
But once, so much more on this mountain top.

Peering voyeurs of past remnants and such,
This land, bare bones, a boom that went bust.

Tailings at Tin Cup scream loud with their voice.
Tarry you will, but this land was our choice.

Ancient gravesites, ghost tales of lore,
Make great stories when done with the chores.

Sheer splendor tugs at my heartstring,
Cottonwood Pass, the tales you bring.

Time walks on these forest floors,
Taylor River, canoes, Ute Indians explored.

Ancestors relished this county as host,
To share pieces of forest, relics, and ghosts.

Excerpt from Winter Devotions. Learn more here

Feel Free to use this poem as a template for writing your own. Following is an excerpt from one of our books that will help you get started.

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”
~Plato, 429–347 BC

Love in Poetry (Day Nine)
Excerpt from Fall Devotions Learn more here

Some poetry can only be interpreted by the author, others, by the reader with his or her own ideas on what the poem says. There is no need to think you can’t write your own poem. Here are a few tips. 
  • It doesn’t have to rhyme.
  • Pick some favorite words from the dictionary, a book on flowers or birds, or even the telephone directory.
  • Add shapes, sounds, texture, color, or smells.
  • Put your own spin on it, and let your mind run wild.
  • Remember your poetry can be on a real or imaginary experience.
  • Title your poem before or after you write it, because there are no boundaries.
  • There is no specific length. It can be one sentence.
 And more

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