Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peaks, Valleys and Villages – The Plethora © (Revised)

Having a plethora of painful conditions and autoimmune disorders provides me with a benchmark on my perception of life.

There are valleys, peaks and villages that are parts of personal growth. Focusing only on setbacks can stagnate who I am, like a river with no flow.

I see the valley as the peep hole. Though small, it provides vast awareness and vision. It is a comforting warranty for better times; this valley is abundant with lessons. If I embrace this place, I begin to see it is where animals come to escape the bitter cold of the peaks, where life thrives through a cycle; it no longer is a valley, but a village. If I stand still in this gathering place, I will feel the energy rise up through my feet, I will kiss my passion, embrace my anxiety, and be comforted by the cloak of truisms in my life and seek teachings to not covet the peak.

As I am drawn to the summit, I begin, “Once I get there I will….” “Oh, the glory I will see when I reach to top.” That day with be THE day I see my triumphs.” Then the duality of my spirit speaks, “Is seeing equitant with sight?”

The peak signifies victory; I am exhilarated by the pentacle, but this lesson is not to be taken lightly. As I reach the peak, I understand that without company, I am lonely; the tundra is high, yet sparse.  “Did I covet a place where all negativity would be resolved only to find the deep hole of my soul?” “Is this the true meaning of yin and yang, sin and forgiveness, right and wrong?”  The beauty of accomplishment gives me the overwhelming urge to sit a while looking out over the valley, where I saw my life as a peep hole of existence.  It’s not about the peak or the valley; it’s about the village, the landscape of my life.

I now understand it is the oscillation between the valley and the peak that brings balance and growth to my village. I accept that there will always be tragedy and triumph and that I will visit the dark as everyone must do to appreciate the light. I strive to learn in the valley, and continue to reach peak, but I will find comfort the village.

I have been given the gift of consciousness. This is my time to shine, to understand that I am more than my illness, and that living with illness for me is about improving reality, to find comfort in the peaks, valleys and villages, it is the plethora.

In healing,
Celeste Cooper, RN / Author, Freelancer, Advocate

Think adversity?-See opportunity!

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