Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poetry - Inner Expression for Coping with Pain & Fatigue

Coping with chronic pain is challenging. Maintaining forward momentum in the face of unpredictable symptoms and fatigue is daunting. Dealing with brainfog is frustrating.

Poetry is a the conduit to our soul, providing energy to hurtle over the many obstacles we meet in life. It provides an endless path by heightening our senses, sight, sound, touch and smell. It is the feel of texture, and all that is not present but is in the mind and knows no time, but is expressed in words. It is inner beauty, the wits, the connection to ourselves.

Exploring Your Creative Nature

Writing a poem is your work, you are probably the only one that truly understands the meaning of your words, and the added attraction is the energy it creates in getting to know you. I cannot quote a poem I have written, but I can tell you how I was feeling when I wrote the poem. I reconnect with that feeling when I revisit those words. It’s like hearing the chorus of an old song, even though you might not recall all the words, you connect with the feeling during that time in your life.

Poetry is writing about yourself waiting to see what will show up, the words are the finger points of your soul.”
-Sandford Lyne, Author of, Writing Poetry from the Inside Out

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