Friday, April 23, 2010

About The Book

The book answers questions like:
How can I be more than a bystander in my own medical care and why is proper documentation in my medical record important?
How are FM, CFID and CMP different, how do they cross over and why should I know?
How do I communicate my needs and symptoms successfully?
Where is that word I had two seconds ago?
What will help me deal with this brainfog?
Why do some treatments make me worse when everyone swears they will make me better? What should I look for in the “right” doctor?
What are my patient rights?
What foods should I avoid?
Why is it important to know how safe some herbal remedies and supplements some are, and which ones help?
Why can’t I sleep, and is there something I can do?
How do I document treatments, including medications, and how they help or hinder me? What are common co-existing conditions and how can they affect FM, CFID & CMP?
What are the do’s and don’ts of exercise?
How big is big brother?
How can I help my doctor overcome fear of prescribing the medications I need?
How do I write my thoughts and feelings down, and why is it important to me?
How do I apply for the benefits I need, what are they looking for?
What is an appeals process?
How do I get my needs met at work?
Why is nurturing my spiritual side important to coping?
How can I resist isolation and feel empowered?
How do I accept what has happened to me and maintain forward momentum?

Continuing information will be posted on this blog. I hope you follow.


Pen said...

HI Celeste, Just stopped by to say I am mow following you. Am I the first...


Coping by Patti said...

Celeste you have 2 followers. Still working on the book, unfortunately it is slow reading due to fibro fog. Make sure you become a follower of my blog:

The Pained Ink Slayer said...

Hey guys, I think you are number two Pen, but number one from FB. Thank you for stopping in. Lamb hugs

Patti, I went to your blog, it is wonderful, and well put together. Lamb hugs

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