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Making the Best of AFFIRMATIONS by The Pained Ink Slayer

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“Words of affirmation are powerful.
Words change lives; words and ideas change the world.”
― Bryant McGill

Affirmations are powerful. They tweak perceptions and provide light in the darkness of chronic pain and chronic illness. Following are tips for writing these personal tidbits that promote positive direction.


A study in March of 2017 investigated “whether patients’ expectation to pain reduction was associated with pain intensity after morphine treatment in opioid treatment-naïve patients with various types of cancer.” What they found is important to understanding how our perceptions affect our ability to cope. Patients with high expectations that morphine would ease their pain had a significantly lower pain intensity experience. Measurable evidence in this study supports the notion that when we expect good, we do better. And that's where affirmations come in. Changing our internal dialogue can have a powerful effect on the way we cope with pain. 


·        They encourage positive thinking.
·        They help us express our gratitude.​
·        They present us with purpose.
·        They incite change.
·        They create positive self-awareness.
·        They set examples.
·        They touch our spirituality.
·        They empower us.
·        They connect us to all living things.


·        I have no duty to be perfect.
·        I always have options.
·        I am not my mistakes.
·        This is a learning experience.

A few of my personal affirmations

·        Let my spirit be filled with the melody of joy.
·        I embrace detours; they take me to undiscovered places.
·        If I listen closely, I hear the sweet sound of human interaction. 
·        I am sick, I am sexy, I am sixty-ish; I am a scud missile; don't mess with me.
·        I choose my words well and create a voice for the benefit of others.


·        Write them as thought they are happening now.
·        Affirm what you want.
·        Keep them short and easy to remember.
·        Keep your favorite affirmations written where you can see them frequently.
·        Personalize them with words such as, I, my, me.
·        Start with thought provoking words that you typically use in your daily life and focus on the goal.
o   I am...  
o   I hear...
o   I see…
o   I feel…
·        Make it positive with words like:
o   grateful
o   smile
o   thank
o   forgive
o   inspire
o   promote
·        Put motion to them with verbs:
o   create
o   do
o   make
o   give
o   follow
o   seek
·        Commit yourself to one affirmation at a time and read it frequently.

* If you have favorite quotes, pick key phrases that bring you in and write it from your personal perspective.

"Defeat is a possibility of try, but to quit scars the soul."
Celeste Cooper, Fall Devotions

​Grab your pen, pencil or keyboard NOW!

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In healing,
Celeste Cooper, RN / Author, Freelancer, Advocate

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“To unleash victory, I must have an open mind and willing heart, judge not, embrace change, and be a steadfast observer of self.”
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