Saturday, April 25, 2015

Entering the World of Now in Recognition of Poetry, QiGong, T’ai Chi, and Yoga Awareness Month

Broken Body, Wounded Spirit:
Balancing the SeeSaw of Chronic Pain


Living in the present can seem daunting to those of us who live with chronic pain, but when we focus on the beauty around us, we can take a respite from our physical being. Our perception is our reality. In addition to writing books and advocating, I write poetry. I am not a great poet, but finding words that tell a story lifts me up in the present. I am not thinking of things that have happened in the past, or wishing for the future, instead I am fully vested in the now.

Entering the World of Now © by Celeste Cooper

Mindful presence wraps me in a legacy with the sagest of souls.
Inspired by words of wisdom my mind flows naturally with their goodwill.
Great people influence my desire and curiosity for being present.
There is only attendance and resolve when I live in the world of now.

In every birth of every living thing, there is purity, a truth.
Innocence bares the gift of a new beginning.   
Many tongues speak the language of nature’s primal significance.
A flower speaks as it reaches for the light; watch it grow in the world of now.

My spirit is filled with the melody of joy offered by the songbird.
Gratitude is in knowing its influence in finding my song to sing.
A soul soars to the new heights by appreciating the offerings of its existence.
Listen closely; my voice is shrouded with loveliness as I enter the world of now.

Talk about living in the moment, “The World of Now,” recognizing April as poetry, Qi Gong, T'ai Chi and Yoga awareness Month, all these things can be particularly helpful for people living with chronic pain.

Watch the trailer by our friend and fellow author, internationally known T'ai Chi and Qi Gong expert, Bill Douglas, on my NEW website, Bill developed the stress management program at Kansas University, is an expert for Dr. Andrew Weil, and he has been kind enough to endorse several of our books.

You can find the trailer on my Qi Gong Page, here. Learn more about T’ai Chi on my new website, here (you can learn more about him by clicking on the link with his name, Bill Douglas). Find information on Yoga, here.

In healing and hope, Celeste

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"Adversity is only an obstacle if we fail to see opportunity."  
Celeste Cooper, RN
Author—Patient—Health Central Chronic Pain ProAdvocate—Sharecare Fibromyalgia Health Expert

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Unknown said...

This site is very informative and pleas share

The Pained Ink Slayer said...

Thank you for your kind words and support Jacqui. In healing, Celeste

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