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Can pregnancy cause fibromyalgia?

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Most of what I have to say about pregnancy and fibromyalgia is from a personal view and anecdotal one.

I did have very difficult pregnancies with severe prolonged morning sickness. However, I doubt that pregnancy was the cause of my FM, I suspect the FM was why I had difficult pregnancies, as I had the comorbid conditions then, Raynaud’s, IBS, migraine, frequent UTI’s,migraines since age 16, etc.

I have heard others say they had great difficulty and needed some assistance after the birth, because lifting caused great pain. I believe that since we now know myofascial trigger points play a role in peripheral mediated pain in FM, that it is important for you to identify any now and treat them.

I had difficulty with my left hip going out with pregnancy, and I suspect it was related to trigger points in the area that were aggravated by the weight of the baby. Knowing these things might help you avoid some of these experiences.

So my answer is we suspect that physical or emotional trauma is a trigger to FM, and pregnancy definitely puts a strain on the physical. It could be a trigger, though not a cause, men have FM too.

Here are two links you might find helpful, one from a scientific aspect, the other from a social one.

As always, Harmony and Hope, Celeste

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