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January - A good time to organize your medical records

As we begin the new year, and with nearly all doctors being digital ready, the time is right for organizing your medical records.

A good physician will appreciate your involvement and by being organized you can save them time, and relate your symptoms more readily and effectively, making your visits more productive. Our publisher has been so kind to allow you to photocopy the useful tools to document your symptoms, needs, and track progress and setback, hopefully identifying measures that either help or hinder your pain and fatigue.

Please pay particular attention to the Useful Tools and the end of each chapter in the book's contents. Each chapter builds on the previous so you can gather information as you go. Harmony and Hope, Celeste.

Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Myofascial Pain: The Mind-Body Connection

Foreword by Devin J. Starlanyl ix
Preface xi
Introduction 1

1 Fibromyalgia Pain, Chronic Fatigue Immunodysf unction, and Chronic
Myofascial Pain from Trigger Points

All about Fibromyalgia 5
Summary Exercise: FM 2Chronic Fatigue Immunodysfunction—The Muster to Master 27
Summary Exercise: CFID 38
Chronic Myofascial Pain—Nerve to Muscle 40
Summary Exercise: CMP 56

Chapter Summary:
FM/CMP–FM/CFID—Is It a Double Cross? 58
Glossary of Terms Introduced in Chapter 1 that Describe Pain 63

2 Communicating Your Health Care Needs 65

Relating Your Symptoms and Health History 66
Identifying Aggravating and Alleviating Factors 73
Coexisting Conditions 75
Communicating with Your Physician and Other Health Care Providers 113

Summary Exercise: Clear Expressions 122

Useful Tools for Communicating with Health Care Providers 126
Medication Log 127
Symptom Inventory Sheet 128
Anatomical Diagram of Pain 130
Health History Log 131

3 Dialogues Within and Without 132

Journal Writing: An Internal Dialogue 133
Soliciting the Support You Need 140
Sample Letter Soliciting Support 144
Relationships: Having Them, Keeping Them, and Knowing
When to Let Them Go 146
Advocacy—A Constructive Way to Vent 151

Summary Exercise: Reaction to Interaction 153

Useful Tools for Inner and Outer Self-expression 156
A Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Tips for Expressing Your Feelings
through Poetry 157
Interactive Pain/Energy Meter 159
It Takes Two to Tango: Rules for Possibly the Most Important Date in
Your Relationship 160
Sample Advocacy Letter 161

4 My Body Is Matter and It Matters 162

Understanding and Treating Pain 163
Managing Your Diet 190
Exercise—Use It or Lose It 198
Bodywork—Toiling over the Anatomy 213
Medical Specialists and Therapists 219
Health and Functionality Therapists 223
Chapter Conclusion 236

Summary Exercise: Exercising Your Options 237

Useful Tools for a Healthy Lifestyle 240
Diet Assessment Guide 241
Stretches for Every Part of Your Body 243

5 The Power of Mind, Body, and Spirit 252

Depression—Overcoming the Doldrums 253
Spirituality 265
Accepting What Is 271
Other Paths 277

Chapter Conclusion 287

Summary Exercise: Expanding Your Options 289

Useful Tools for Connecting with Your Spiritual Center 291
Breathing Meditation for People with FM, CFID, and CMP 292
Guided Meditation for Healing 292
New Thoughts on Insomnia 293

6 Dealing with Circuit Overload 294

Brain Fog—Symptoms of Blowout before a Power Failure 295
Time Management—An Exercise in Energy Conservation 302
Crisis Management—Dealing with Major Life Events 307

Chapter Conclusion 309

Summary Exercise: Unloading the Gray Matter 309

7 Approaching the System Systematically 312

The ADA and the EEOC 312
Social Security Disability Determination 318
Patient Rights 336
Miscellaneous Programs and Help 344
Confidentiality and HIPAA 352

Chapter Conclusion 356

Useful Tools for Navigating the Health Care System 357
Interaction Worksheet for Important Calls and Meetings 358
Treating Health Care Provider Log 359
Chronological Health Record 360
Table for Determining Disability Status for Those Limited to
Sedentary Work 361
Table for Determining Disability Status for Those Capable of Light
Physical Work 364

Epilogue 366

Resources for Maximizing Health Care, Relationships, and
Emotional Well-being 369
Glossary of Acronyms 391
Notes 395
Index 424

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