Tuesday, March 29, 2022

What We Learn From Living With Pain

Living with daily pain begs the question, “What is the lesson here? Does having pain make me somehow grow as a person? After nearly three decades of reading, writing, and pro/con contemplating, I realize asking that question of myself has prepared me for the physical and emotional changes that take place with advancing age. Unlike many fellow 70ish people, I already have tools that help me balance  body, mind, and spirit. I am grateful for that.


Ten Lessons from Pain (from Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain, Spring Devotions)

(1)  Acceptance of what is.

(2) Compassion for the less fortunate.

(3)  Change is not a bad word.

(4)  Humility is a virtue.

(5)  Strength in not surrendering to stressors.

(6)  Commitment to self and others.

(7)  Flexibility to roll with the flow.

(8) Appreciation for things we would otherwise take for granted.

(9)  Empathy, we are on a level playing field.

(10) Patience, our inbox is not supposed to be empty.

[Excerpt, Day Seventy-five]


Each day in the Broken Body, Wounded Spirit series provokes a question and the Spring Edition is no exception.

In healing
Think adversity?-See opportunity!

The Pained Ink Slayer

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