Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Day in the Rockies© by Celeste Cooper

Deer, can I come to dinner?

I find great comfort in nature. For me, it’s an inspiring place to be. I am afforded many opportunities to use my questionable skills as an amateur photographer and poet. On our respite in the Rockies this season, I was inspired to write this poem. I wrote it on August 8, 2018, exactly ten years to the day that we received word while camping in Buena Vista, Colorado that my mother had passed away. Mom and I shared the love of the Rockies and I would call her (when we had a signal) and recreate our adventure by sharing the sounds, textures, meadows, wild life sightings, and grandeur the Rockies bring. I would read her the poems I write about this land for which we shared such great respect. This one is dedicated to my mom.

A Day in the Rockies©

A kaleidoscope of depth shining through the forest connects all that is right.
The sun’s rising casts warmth bringing life from the shadows of night.

Morning is chorused by a diverse symphony as birds claim their territory
Among the limbs of pine, fir, and aspen, they perch in harmonious glory.

Tree locusts straining against the wind to be heard brings harmony in dissonance
Given homage by lodgepole pines that know cacophony is their innocence.

Carpeted in yellow, red, and purple, the vale shares wonders in its landscape.
Voices echo, thrills, chirps, grunts, and thunder all a color of the great escape.

The octagon of space shouts gleeful opportunities, cravings of senses—a tease.
Summer’s grass rich with character; smell the flavor as fronds drum to the breeze.

A black sky alive with twinkles and a moment of falling stars, I request,
Because tending the great power of a campfire puts my soul to rest.

In thunder of creation, the Rockies give grace, and quietly the forest speaks,
And the moon whispers, “Rest now creatures of the day”; it’s time to sleep.

In healing,

Celeste Cooper, RN / Author, Freelancer, Advocate

Think adversity?-See opportunity!

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