Thursday, August 27, 2015

When a Peek at Chronic Pelvic Pain Isn't Enough

Chronic pelvic pain comes in many forms and there are different symptoms and diagnoses to consider. Following are links to my three part series as contributing chronic pain pro at Health Central.

1 - Essential Elements of Pelvic Pain in Men and Women 

Pelvic pain can originate from different sources and it can be acute or chronic. Regardless, there are contributing factors to consider. Some are very treatable and others can be more difficult to manage. Acute pelvic pain is a warning sign that comes on suddenly lasting a few minutes to a few days depending on the cause. Chronic pelvic pain can be constant or come flares and symptoms can vary in character and intensity. Knowing what and when to report any unusual symptoms to your doctor is important, because some causes of pelvic pain when left untreated can cause permanent damage that could be avoided when we know what to do…

2 - The Secret to Pelvic Pain and the Myofascia 

If you have chronic pelvic pain (CPP), you know the symptoms. What you may not know is that myofascial trigger points, shortened pieces of muscle fiber that form a knot and shorten the muscle involved, play a role of their own in this painful disorder... 

3 - Why knowing the cause of pelvic pain is essential to treatment

Chronic pelvic pain can be constant or come and go with a flare up of symptoms. Symptoms can be mild to severe and can vary in intensity during the day or with a flare. The character of pelvic pain can be different too. For instance, someone with painful bladder syndrome or prostatitis has a symptom in common, burning with urination (dysuria), but pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome is described as cramping or churning. Symptoms vary depending on the underlying cause of their pain. That’s why it is important to know how to report your symptoms... 

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