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Nerve to Muscle and the Role in Fibromyalgia

Research continues to tell us that fibromyalgia involves the breakdown of normal messaging in the brain, which is further sensitized by peripheral nervous system dysfunction, particularly in the muscle. This results in what is known as centralization of pain.

Chronic myofascial pain from myofascial trigger points which are caused by an excessive release of acetylcholine, a chemical neuro messenger, is prevalent in fibromyalgia and helps explain muscle pain and dysfunction. Myofascial trigger points are known as the great neurological imitators. When coupled with fibromyalgia this peripheral input further sensitizes the brain and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Learn more about chronic myofascial pain.

It is difficult to deny the brains ability to resurrect previous pain experiences or detach the emotional center from the physical response. Conditioning responses is important and why treatment takes a multidimensional approach. These various treatments, medication, stretching movement such as Yoga, gradual exercise after bringing myofascial trigger points under control, meditation, T’ai Chi for promoting balance input to the brain are all important for putting a tire tool in the spokes of this wheel spinning out of control between the brain and the periphery.

All blogs, posts and answers are based on the work in Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Myofascial Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by Celeste Cooper, RN, and Jeff Miller, PhD. 2010, Vermont: Healing Arts press and are not meant to replace medical advice. Website

This blog is based on my original answer at ShareCare, What role do nerves play in fibromyalgia? View my other answered questions as fibromyalgia expert.


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