Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upset with the CDC and misappropriation of funds, yet again?

Upset with the CDC, misappropriation of research funds, neglect in providing a replication study to the WPI and XMRV, and the oops we published this invalid study before the NIH study results (which does confirm the WPI and XMRV association with CFS/ME)? Advocates are now soliciting help from Erin Brockovich. Empowering! We will not be slam dunked again by the CDC.

I encourage everyone to PLEASE see the blog "Sample Advocacy Letter" posted in April.

There you will find and I hope you will contribute links for contacting government officials, worldwide.

"Though our bodies are weak our determination is unbreakable, standing tall, standing strong, standing united, committing to a cure."

Add this one to the list


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