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SUMMER DEVOTIONS Book Tour, Preview #6 by Celeste Cooper, RN and Jeff Miller, PhD

Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain Series.

by Celeste Cooper, RN and Jeff Miller, PhD

Preview #6

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Published on June 2, 2013
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“This book is designed and inspired to fill the needs of people in chronic pain. From practical ‘how to’ suggestions, to more mind, body and spirit concepts, like contemplating the deeper meaning to life and health, it is exactly what many people have been looking and longing for. I am struck by its wise self-concepts, such as ‘We must learn to dance with the dragon, not fear its fire.”
 ~Cinda Crawford, Get Well Health, author and healer and host of the
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Summer Devotions is the second of a four book series, Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain. It is a tribute to everyone committed to living a fearless life despite the road blocks caused by living with chronic pain and illness.

By noting sensory elements from a past experience, we can learn to journal which is an important piece to learning who we are.  One way of doing that is to write a short story.  You will find tips on exactly how to do that on Day Sixty.

Finding myself is significant, especially if am lost, which has been known to happen,
but creating myself is more fun.    ~Celeste

Celeste Cooper is a retired, advanced trained, registered nurse. She is lead author of several books, contributing author, and freelance writer. She volunteers as health expert at Sharecare, advocate, and participant in the Pain Action Alliance to Implement a National Strategy.  Through her own trials, she has learned to transform her perception of pain, and it has become her life's mission to share what she has learned with others who share this sometimes arduous journey. She does not claim to be cured of chronic pain, but she is motivated to live her best life by not giving in to what she often calls the dragon. 

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Other books by Celeste Cooper and Jeff Miller:

C. Cooper and J. Miller. Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See-Saw of Chronic Pain. [ Series]. (Blue Springs, MO, ImPress Media, 2012 – 2014). Read more about Fall Devotions, click here

C. Cooper and J. Miller. Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Myofascial Pain: The Mind body Connection.  (Vermont: Healing Arts Press, 2010).
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