Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No regrets – Finding Value in My New Life

I could regret losses associated with a chronic pain life, but regret only leads to stress, something which our body already understands biologically and struggles to overcome. 

An effective tool for combating the effects of stress is positive thinking.  So next time your stress meter is about to blow mercury into the universe, get out your tool kit.

Say no to negativity.
See opportunity in adversity
Say, “I will.”
Think kindness.
Create a positive word list.
Imagine positive energy.
Have a positive dialogue with part of your body.
Biofeedback works.
Try meditative movement.
Write an affirmation. 

Find  more helpful tips in our new book, BrokenBody, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the See Saw of Chronic Pain.  Fall devotions has been discounted for the holiday and is the  first in a series of four.  It has gotten wonderful endorsements by some heavy hitters, but we need more reader reviews.  It is for ALL chronic pain patients.  

Please spread the word. I hope you will copy and paste the blurb below and share it with those who might want to learn ways of coping with chronic pain that will perpetuate the balance we so desperately need.  

In healing and hope, Celeste
Here is our first Kindle reader review:

“5 of 5 stars. Very helpful November 20, 2012
I already bought the earlier book,"Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Myofascial Pain", so I got this on the recommendation of my pain specialist. It's nicely done and very helpful. The authors give suggestions, assignments and advice on a page per day basis. I like the format because I can focus on one thing at a time to help myself with my chronic pain condition. I can also go back and review information and rate my progress. I think this is a good tool for participating in my treatment

Holiday price reduction.  Kindle $2.99.  Please gift a review.

Free Kindle app for PC and androids. 

Available in Paperback.

"Essential and inspiring!" - "With heartfelt passion and self-awareness." - "Best wishes to all who use this book to reclaim life day by day." - "From the dark world of pain and suffering comes the voice of human courage." - "This will help individuals engage in their own care and personal growth. "

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