Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is the Only CAM in Your Car? Exploring the Compliments

There are preconceived notions regarding chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) being a fatigue only condition and fibromyalgia (FM) being a muscle pain only condition, but we know there is more far reaching implications and complications. As research evolves, we are learning more about CFS/ME and FM. We understand that CFS/ME is a biological disease that also includes immune deregulation, hemodynamic instability, and HPA axis deregulation; CFS/ME is exacerbated, maintained, and possibly caused by a viral or immune event.

We know that FM is most likely due to the pain impulse bombardment from myofascial periphery, which hyper-sensitizes an already fragile central nervous system. This interferes with the brain’s ability to orchestrate responses of the autonomic, immune, and endocrine systems, and disrupts normal function of pain pathways and nociception.

Because we don’t have all the answers and traditional medicine isn’t able to give us what we need, many of us flock to alternative therapies in hopes we will find some relief. And some do help.

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