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Day Eighty-three

Day Seventy-two

Day Sixty-seven

Day Twenty-seven

Day Five

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“we must experience many feelings, good and bad, so we can be born into a new way of thinking…”

“A visual aid is a helpful tool for communicating what is not visible to the eye, and…(pain'ing) can be a great self-exploration tool.

“…we must work toward getting past denial, fear and anger, blame…” 

“Knowing the root cause…doesn’t always result in resolution of the fifth vital sign “pain.”

“The winter season is often compared to death…” 

This four-book series includes one book for each season. Why write a book series by seasons? Each season has something of significance for growth and development in the world and in us. 

All the books in this series were inspired by my need for daily reminders, and to discover something new that would help me cope with chronic pain. Each chapter has a picture with a quote or affirmation to introduce the information for the day. Whether it is information or a thought provoking exercise, my co-author, Jeff Miller, PhD, and I hope you are challenged to explore your talents and learn to equalize challenges with triumphs.

The winter season is often compared to death. In this case, it is the passing of old thoughts and behaviors. This season offers the experience of many feelings and opportunities for birth of a new way of thinking.  

 As lead author, I began this journey from one statement in my journal, “write a book.” These few written words have taken me on a trip beyond what I could have envisioned. It is my greatest desire that you will be challenged, inspired, comforted, and encouraged by what you find in this book, Winter Devotions.

Come with us as we walk the barren winter land appreciating that it is necessary to rid ourselves of previous conceptions in preparation for the spring season of rebirth. ​​​



Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the SeeSaw of Chronic Pain


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