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Moderate Impact



​Low Impact

High-impact exercise is strenuous and should be reserved for athletes with properly conditioned bodies.

The motto is always start low and go slow then build from there. ​

If your age is 40, your aerobic exercise THR is:
220 – 40 = 180; 180 x 70% = 126 beats per minute
to 220 – 40 = 180; 180 x 80% = 136 beats per minute

220 - (minus) age x (times) 70–80% = THR

If your age is 50, your aerobic exercise THR is:
220 - 50 = 170; 170 x 60% = 102 beats per minute

220 - (minus) age x (times) 60% = THR

Calculating Your

Target Heart Rate (THR)

The effect of aerobic exercise is measured by target heart rate (THR). Following precautions, if you are unable to speak a complete sentence, your heart rate is too fast. Should you experience any extreme shortness of breath or chest pain, stop immediately. If your symptoms do not subside immediately, seek emergency help. Your doctor should be aware if you are starting an exercise program so you can discuss any other precautions you need to take.