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Day Eighty-four

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“Flavonoids are found in plants.”

“As the mid-day sun reaches its most northern point from the equator, it becomes the point where change occurs in our lives.”




It is rare to find a book that is simultaneously practical, informative, uplifting, comforting and aesthetically pleasing, but the “Summer Devotions,” is all of those things – and more.

Organized into a “book of days” each chapter offers a combination of practical coping advice – how to manage the sleep disorder that often comes with chronic pain, dietary considerations, and how to review the effectiveness of treatments, information, and guidance through the emotional turmoil of chronic illness. Patients [are asked] to take control of their lives through changing thought processes. In the book, this is accomplished neatly and efficiently by asking questions at the end of each section, such as “What excuse can I retire?”

The mood of the photo [at the end beginning of each day] is complemented by an inspirational quote, my favorite of which is: “There is an important difference between giving up and letting go.” (Jessica Hatchigan)

The authors provide provide imminently practical ways to deal with the physical hardships imposed by any form of chronic pain. This book will prove invaluable to anyone seeking to re-establish the balance of mind and body in the face of long-term illness.

~Erica Verrillo, author of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 2nd Edition, the Phoenix Rising Trilogy

Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the SeeSaw of Chronic Pain

Celeste Cooper RN Author - Educator and Pain Advocate

Day Fifty-seven

Day Thirty-one

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“It isn’t uncommon for those of us in chronic pain to experience feelings of abandonment, blame, insecurity, negativity, and isolation.”

“As we guffaw, we flex our diaphragm, chest, and abdominal muscles.”

“Physical and mental clutter breeds discontent, wastes time, and promotes chaos in our life.”

“One of the best examples of creativity is how Helen Keller managed her life.”