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“Because unrelenting pain turns our brain into a kaleidoscope that constantly turns instead of behaving like the organized structure it should, it is imperative that we always ask this question…”

“The defining characteristic of myofascial pain syndrome is that MTrPs generate pain in a pattern that does not change between patients.”

“Inadequate nutrition can create a myriad of symptoms…”


SPRING DEVOTIONS is the fourth and final book of the Broken Body, Wounded Spirit series was inspired by my need for daily reminders, and to discover something new that would help me cope with chronic pain. Each chapter has a picture with a quote or affirmation to introduce the information for the day. Whether it is information or a thought provoking exercise, my co-author, Jeff Miller, PhD, and I hope you are challenged to explore your talents and learn to equalize challenges with triumphs. 

Spring is the season of new life, an awakening after a long winter of rest. That’s why “Spring Devotions” is about rebuilding life, finding balance, rediscovering passion, overcoming fear and isolation, and standing toe to toe with chronic pain and illness. It is the platform for anyone seeking to renew his or her inner strength.

As lead author, I began this journey from one statement in my journal, “write a book.” These few written words have taken me on a trip beyond what I could have envisioned. It is my greatest desire that you are nudged into realizing your own potential. This is your lifeboat, reach out and grab it, climb in and hold on tight for a wild ride. You will explore things you never thought possible. You will be challenged, inspired, comforted, and encouraged by what you find in this Spring Devotions.

Celeste Cooper / Author, Health Pro, Advocate

Think adversity?-See opportunity!



Day Seven

Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the SeeSaw of Chronic Pain

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“Spring has been described as …coming full circle,  reward-ed by the growth …developing a good root system in an effort to grow and mature.” 



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