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This “Sample Advocacy Letter” is a template for you to use. You can use it to contact elected representatives, government agencies, health commissioners, insurance commissioners, the attorney general, health care organizations, or anyone else in a position to affect health care policy. (See contact information listed below.)

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Sample Advocacy Letter

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Celeste Cooper / Author, Health Pro, Advocate

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​​ATTENTION! Due to the volume of messages I receive regarding interruption or withdrawal of medical care, particularly regarding access to opioid medications, I ask that you READ THE GUIDELINES for PAIN WARRIORS.  It will take a village of individuals with first hand information, personal physical evidence to bring effective action. As a volunteer advocate, and with my fingers on the pulse of the community, I understand the crisis those of us living with chronic pain face.  If you follow the recommendations, I look forward to hearing the results.

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[Recipient Address]

Organization/individual name
Address: physical or email


Dear [Mrs, Mr, Senator, President] Name,

Dear Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, 
Dear Sir or Madam, 
To Whom It May Concern,

[State the purpose of your letter. Use hook words or provocative questions that make it personal.]

  • What if you were holding a pen in your hand and you forgot what it was for? 
  • Did you know that a tick bite or an infection could alter your life forever? 
  • What would you do if you had pain so intense you were no longer able to do your job? Would you be able to live on less? How would you support your family or yourself? 
  • What if insurance didn't cover the things you need to help you live your best life? Without income, would you have the funds to pay for these important therapies and medications? 
  • Have you or anyone you know been treated with disrespect for something that is totally out of your control?

[State your personal experience] 

  • I cannot afford the medications my doctor says is necessary for me to live a better life.
  • I was once a top executive and now I am unable to get out of bed because of ______.
  • I was an iron worker and was injured on the job. I can no longer do _____, and live with [rods, pins, screws and other foreign objects in my body that gives me unbearable pain.]
  • I am not able to afford insurance, even under the “Affordable Care Act.” 
  • My insurance will only cover ______.
  • Medicare doesn’t cover the supplies I need to treat my pain condition.

[State what you would like in response. Put verbs in your requests.]

  • I would like you to vote on ______, 
  • As your constituent, I would like you to share my story by _______.
  • What are you working on that will address the need for better education regarding pain care, research, [etc.]?
  • Do you feel the government should be the go between physician and patient? 
  • What funds are available to help people living with chronic pain?
  • What programs are available for the one in seven to ten patients who become addicted to pain medications? Who governs the exit criteria from a program, and what programs are available for those who cannot pay?
  • Can I expect you to answer the call for change? How will you answer the call for change?

Please reply  by [Mail, email, fax].  If I can provide you with further information, please let me know by contacting me at:

Phone Number
Email Address
Any other information you feel comfortable giving out, such as e-mail address, phone number, or fax.

Signature [Type or sign your name here.]

Attachments: [Name any attachments that support your letter and its content.]