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Think adversity?-See opportunity!



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Coping strategies can vary among each of us. I write as a way of coping, others learn new hobbies that fit their abilities. What matters most, is that we find positive ways to cope with our pain and avoid the pitfalls of negativity. Here is a sample of some things you can do. Be sure to click on the link to direct you to the page that gives you more information.

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Did you know our reactions to pain become filed in our brain? When it seems our brain is sputtering, maybe it really is. The information we feed our brain (our filing cabinet) is stored in file folders so it can be recalled when it is needed. In order to affect our brain’s filing system, it is important to provide not just the information, but also our feelings about that information so when recall occurs there is minimal emotional distress related to it. 

How we manage our time, our environment, our medications, our body, and other perpetuating factors determines what our cerebral catalogue looks like. In this area of the website, you will find tips for management strategies.

Management Strategies


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