Day Seventy-four, Action words

Day Seventy-five, The Promise of Like    
Day Seventy-six, Homeostasis    
Day Seventy-seven, The ‘I’s in PaIn:    
Day Seventy-eight, Creative Visualization    
Day Seventy-nine, Through a Child’s Eyes
Day Eighty, Integration in Combination    
Day Eighty-one, Lining up Bats in Your Belfry    
Day Eighty-two, Senior Moments    
Day Eighty-three, Concerns to Consider Day Eighty-four, The Benefits of Stretching.    
Day Eighty-five, The ‘N’s in Pain    
Day Eighty-six, Mindful Exercise    
Day Eighty-seven,  Curiosity
Day Eighty-eight, Relationship Reminder  
Day Eighty-nine, Ayurvedic Medicine   
Day Ninety, Patience    
Day Ninety-one, Affection    
ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Celeste Cooper, RN, BSN    
ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Jeff Miller, PhD   
Other books written by Cooper and Miller​

Day Twenty, Challenging Your Brain Power    
Day Twenty-one, Take a Stand    
Day Twenty-two, Tasks in Small Increments.    
Day Twenty-three, Putting Stuff out to Pasture    
Day Twenty-four, The ‘P’s in Pain    
Day Twenty-five, Coming Front and Center    
Day Twenty-six, Work That Body
Day Twenty-seven, My Bridge    
Day Twenty-eight, When in Crisis    
Day Twenty-nine, The Activist    
Day Thirty, Relationship Roulette    
Day Thirty-one, Spirituality    
Day Thirty-two, Notions and Potions    
Day Thirty-three, Empowerment    
Day Thirty-four, Kindness    
Day Thirty-five, Journaling for Gold    
Day Thirty-six, Chronic Pain    
Day Thirty-seven, Karma    
Day Thirty-eight, Challenge Yourself!    
Day Thirty-nine, Clearing the Fog    
Day Forty, We are a Package    
Day Forty-one, Allopathic Medicine    
Day Forty-two, Event Journaling    
Day Forty-three, Neuralgia    
Day Forty-four, Setting Goals    
Day Forty-five, 5-HTP​  

​Day Forty-six, Patient Communicator    

Day Forty-seven,  Therapies and Treatments Day Forty-eight, Follow Your Passion    
Day Forty-nine, Supportive Relationships    
Day Fifty, Glucosamine and Chondroitin    
Day Fifty-one, Hints for Safe Exercise    
Day Fifty-two,  My Own Symptoms    
Day Fifty-three, If I Can’t Be Kind    
Day Fifty-four, Spontaneity    
Day Fifty-five, Any Other Pain    
Day Fifty-six, the Tangled Web    
Day Fifty-seven, Goals for the Soul Day   
Day Fifty-eight, Laughter Medicine    
Day Fifty-nine, Chaos and clutter.    
Day Sixty, Serotonin    
Day Sixty-one, Omega-3    
Day Sixty-two, Your Belly Button Sag?    
Day Sixty-three, Aggravation - Attitude.    
Day Sixty-four, Worry - Negativity    
Day Sixty-five, Having Pain Isn’t Simple.    
Day Sixty-six, Is It Time for a Check-up?    
Day Sixty-seven, Enlightenment    
Day Sixty-eight, Kinesiology    
Day Sixty-nine, All Hail to the Dropped Ball.

Day Seventy, Piggy Bank Been Robbed?   
Day Seventy-one, Pain vs. Suffering

​Day Seventy-two, Biofeedback    

​Day Seventy-three, To Inspire or to Expire 

Inside the Cover    
And We're Off    
Day One, The Native American Medicine Wheel    
Day Two, Awaken senses    
Day Three, Preparedness    Notes    
Day Four, Exploring the Complements (CAM)    
Day Five, Pondering My Uniqueness    
Day Six, Willpower and Resolve    
Day Seven, The Tree of Life—Affirmations.    
Day Eight, Learning from Our Experiences

Day Nine, Love in Poetry    
Day Ten, Being Mindful of Our Thoughts and Body    
Day Eleven, Chiropractic Medicine    
Day Twelve, Speech is Not All Verbal.    
Day Thirteen, Healthy Action Strategies    
Day Fourteen, Being flexible. 
Day Fifteen, Revelations: The Big Reveal    
Day Sixteen, Anxiety    
Day Seventeen, Managing Your Opportunities    
Day Eighteen, Time for the “Periodic Review    
Day Nineteen, Defining Triggers

You can get a flavor for what this book has to offer you on your journey to self-discovery.  Read what our pre-publication reviewers had to say INSIDE THE COVER. Read ABOUT THIS BOOK and  OTHER BOOKS by Celeste and Jeff.

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In the 221 pages, you will find notes pages provided for you to make personal comments as you work through the book one day at a time.       


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