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Celeste Cooper / Author, Health Pro, Advocate

Think adversity?-See opportunity!



Broken Body, Wounded Spirit: Balancing the SeeSaw of Chronic Pain

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You can get a flavor for what this book has to offer you on your journey to self-discovery. Be sure to check out TABLE OF CONTENTS and Read ABOUT THIS BOOK and  OTHER BOOKS by Celeste and Jeff.

“Essential and inspiring! puts us in touch with our unspoken and unacknowledged inner self-understanding that gets pushed aside when pain steals our attention. ”

Jan Favero Chambers, President,

National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association

“Celeste Cooper thoughtfully shares her experience with chronic pain to help empower others to wholeheartedly live a more fulfilling and mindful life. ‘Embrace what we cannot change and strive to change the things we can…’ She wittingly shares healthy action strategies to help set focus on “glory days” and less on the pain. With heartfelt passion and self-awareness, Celeste and Jeff help to inspire others living with chronic pain.”

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA, Founder Healthin30.com, Health Educator,

Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist, Featured Writer The Huffington Post,

Sharecare Editorial Advisory Board

“What a wonderful book. Celeste Cooper and Jeff Miller bring inspiration and healing wisdom to those who seek relief from their symptoms or are facing illness.”

 Deirdre Rawlings, PhD, ND. -- author of

Foods that Fight Fibromyalgia, Fairwinds (2012).

“The goal of living with any chronic illness is to focus on the living and move the illness to the periphery. This book beautifully collects the wisdom of the author and of the ages as daily exercises to focus on life, growth, and health despite the presence of pain. Best wishes to all who use this book to reclaim life day by day.”

Patricia Geraghty, RNC, MSN, FNP-BC, Sharecare Editorial Advisory Board

“A book that does not call, it motivates one into action! It guides those with chronic pain through self-evaluation of their physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, while providing education on many options available for their consideration. This will help individuals engage in their own care and personal growth. The distinctive journey each daily activity inspires readers to take is truly the icing on the cake!”

Meshea Crysup, Founder & Director fibroLIFE

“This book is a delight. From the dark world of pain and suffering comes the voice of human courage. For so many people who struggle with chronic pain, and the devoted friends who watch them and hold them, this is the map to guide them on their journey. Each page is a lamp to light the path. Keep this gentle book by your side and read it often with the one who loves you. Thank you Celeste and Jeff for your book, it is a source of strength for the soul.”

Dr John Whiteside MBBS, BSc, registered medical practitioner

specializing in pain and trained by Dr Janet Travell. (Australia)


Celeste Cooper RN Author - Educator and Pain Advocate