"Health is not valued till sickness comes."
homas Fuller


Celeste Cooper RN Author - Educator and Pain Advocate


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Initially, and again from time-to-time, we all have difficulty accepting the change that comes with chronic pain and illness. We become angry and want to find something—or someone—to blame. This  prelude to the grieving process happens because we feel a loss of our previous level of functioning and our role in society. Our willingness to accept change determines how we move forward with our new and different life. We are charged with the responsibility of finding balance, healthy supportive relationships, and successful management strategies.  We are challenged to embrace change and not surrender to dread and gloom. Our choices  determine how much control we regain. 

As we work through the process, we learn healthy coping mechanisms and develop good management strategies. Don’t underestimate your abilities. Instead, find ways to live your life with meaning. Hopefully what you find here will help you do just that. 

Success is measured by setting worthwhile goals, ones you can accomplish, and have willingness to make changes in the plan as many times as it takes.

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