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In 2000, I made an entry in my personal journal to write a book. I wanted to continue to help others through my experience as registered nurse. Since that time, I have done many things, which you can read more on at  about Celeste here on the website.

I appreciate the opportunities to grow as a writer. But, writing a blog gives me the freedom of choice. I can give my opinions without having to adhere to deadlines or someone else's guidelines. I have written hundreds of blogs since 2010 on things like photography and poetry (my hobbies), chronic pain, invisible illness, coping strategies, alternative and conventional therapies, and the politics of pain. I am passionate about writing on topics that I feel are my obligation as a nurse and patient. 

You can find my blogs chronicling changes over the past several years. Such as, changes in healthcare, research, and even my website. (Some information in my early blogs may be obsolete, including links to my first website. In 2014 I changed my brand so I could include information on advocacy and make finding me easier). 

CelesteCooper.com was born and to date this website averages over 18,000 hits per month. Thank you to my loyal readers, followers and fellow bloggers. It is all because of YOU!

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