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Coping strategies can vary among each of us. I write as a way of coping, others learn new hobbies that fit their abilities. What matters most, is that we find positive ways to cope with our pain and avoid the pitfalls of negativity. Here is a sample of some things you can do. Be sure to click on the link to direct you to the page that gives you more information.

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  • Organize.
    •    Keep frequently used items in your personal space.
    •  Put things back from where they came.
    •  Write things down, in the same place.
    •  Develop and in-out rule, something new in, something old out.
  • Get a second opinion.
  • Solicit help when needed.
  • Help others when you can, sometimes it’s just listening.
  • When the opportunity presents itself, take out the mental trash.
    • Replace no's with yes', can't with try, won't with will.
    • Remember TTT – Things Take Time. 
    • Mediate.
  • Enjoy the wait.
    • Arrive at doctor appointments early-take a book you have been wanting to read but haven’t had the time.
    • Make a list of words you would like to use for a word wall like the one here on the welcome page.
  • Recognize opportunity when it knocks.
  • Know your inbox!
  • Don't be a clutter bug.
  • Don't pay tomorrow for a hamburger today.
  • Enjoy a birth every day, a flower, a baby, a friendship, a kind word.
  • Laugh out loud. 
  • When things get tough, remember… ​"This too shall pass." 

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We can become overwhelmed because of chronic pain. It affects not just our body; it also affects our relationships, our self-talk, our energy, our ability to socialize, our pocketbook, and our self-esteem. We all need reminders to help us avoid the negativity that chronic pain and illness can sometimes create. 

Celeste Cooper RN Author - Educator and Pain Advocate


  • Give yourself time.
  • Solicit help from friends and family on semi-days.
  • Make a new friend.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Do something nice for someone else for which you are not paid.
  • Identify and manage perpetuating factors.
  • Avoid known stressors, especially during a critical period.
  • Remember, you are not alone.
  • Engrave this on your forehead-STCBF                                   Some things can't be fixed.
  • When you can do something, do it.
    • Set reasonable goals.
    • Re-evaluate periodically.
    • Upgrade or downgrade goals as necessary.
    • Avoid making excuses.
    • Use up time effectively without overdoing.
  • Put your physical needs in perspective.
    • Pay attention to your posture.
    • Avoid repetitive movements.
    • How much is too much?
    • How much is not enough?
    • Set aside rest periods.
  • Practice your affirmations. (See Affirmations)
  • Exercise your brain regularly with number or word games.

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